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Master 系列鈦合金車架的設計是以競賽為主要訴求,車架剛性以及穩定性就成了最基本的條件,對於競賽型的騎士而言,Master 是個能幫騎士加分的戰馬。


The design of Master series titanium frame emphasizes “Racing”. Therefore, stiffness and stability are the basic requirements. For serious racers, Master 325Ti helps reduce minutes.

Audax 系列車架設計是以長距離公路騎行為主要訴求,因此,除了剛性以及穩定性的基本需求之外,舒適性、標準鎖牙式五通及貨架孔的設置,都是以實際需求為考量的設計。


Audax series frames are designed for long-distance road riding. Comfort, standard BSA BB shell and rack mount are all the considerations for the actual needs of a long distance rider.

Lug 車架,充滿典雅、感性之美,是自行車工藝的最佳代言。論重量、論踩踏效率Lug 車絕對不具優勢,但是,卻永遠是車迷的最佳收藏品。

Lug frame, with the beauty of elegance and sensibility, is the best representation of the bike-building craftsmanship. In terms of weight and ride efficiency, Lug frame has no advantage over other frames at all. But, it is always the appreciated collectable for bike enthusiasts.

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