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Hercules lug

※ ​Lug 車款無法選擇塗裝. 顏色:珍珠黑 / 蘋果綠。

    Lug series can't choose graphics. color option : Black / Green


2013 年雲豹推出的海克力士頂級合金鋼管,原料來自日本新日鐵 (Nippon


Released in 2013, Rikulau Hercules steel tubeset is the newest addition to the Rikulau family. The raw material is from the renowned Nippon Steel (Japan). But, precision extrusion, heat treatment and all other processes are done in Taiwan to assure the precision required by Rikulau.


Lug 車架,充滿典雅、感性之美,是自行車工藝的最佳代言。論重量、論踩踏效率Lug 車絕對不具優勢,但是,卻永遠是車迷的最佳收藏品。


Lug frame, with the beauty of elegance and sensibility, is the best representation of the bike-building craftsmanship. In terms of weight and ride efficiency, Lug frame has no advantage over other frames at all. But,
it is always the appreciated collectible for bike enthusiasts.


※ Note: All measurements in millimeter (mm) except angle (degrees) and weight (grams)


  1. Traditional head tube for 1 1/8” fork steerer

  2. Tubing: Rikulau Hercules Steel

    • Top tube: 28.6 mm x 0.9/0.6/0.9 mm OD

    • Seat tube: 28.6 mm x 0.6/0.9 mm OD

    • Down tube: 31.8 mm x 0.9/0.6/0.9 mm OD

    • Seat stays: 16 x 0.8 mm OD

    • Chain stays: 22.2 x 0.8 mm OD

  3. Fork: 370 mm fork length; 43 mm rake; weight: 924 g

  4. 27.2 mm seat post


※ Note: Rikulau reserves the right to replace components with those of equal or higher value.

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