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在Rikulau成立之初,我們曾許諾,將透過支持地方自行車發展及參與其它社會活動,來實踐我們對社會的責任。 我們做到了。
幾年下來,我們贊助了許多相關的組織及個人,其中包括挑戰自我的庶民運動員 (PBP、LEL1400、Haute Route、川藏)、偏遠的小學、單車環遊世界的年輕人,以及推廣健行和自行車騎乘的組織;我們甚至提供了數十台車給兩個學生車隊。


Right from the start of Rikulau, we have committed to carry out our social responsibility by supporting local cycling development and other social activities.  And we did.
In the last few years, Rikulau had sponsored many organizations and individuals including self-challenging cyclists, remote-area schools, the young couple that cycled around the world, and organizations that promote hiking and cycling.  We even donated dozens of framesets to two student cycling teams.  Currently, Rikulau holds the female record for Tibet challenge by bike.  Rikulau is very proud to be with them in their adventure, and help them fulfill their dream.
In the years to come, Rikulau will keep the current pace, and further enlarge our involvement in social affairs.

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