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  • 雙胞胎的顥曼日記 – 蘇威駿(父)&陳慧玲(母)&雙胞胎(蘇顥+蘇曼)

  • Smallpaces – Cycling around the world with children


  • 四位雲豹勇士踏上他們的環球之旅

  • Four more Rikulau riders started their global bicycle adventure


  • 川藏挑戰女子組紀錄9天5小時

  • 挑戰橫跨歐亞到愛爾蘭持續進行

  • 《1082 萬次轉動》帶著電玩哲學的單車冒險 - 張修維

  • Tibet Challenge - 9 day 5 hours (female record)

  • Across Asia-Europe from Taiwan to Ireland continues

  • 《​10,820,000 Revolutions》


In 2016, Rikulau has been to many places.
     Ai-chin finished 2160 km of Tibet challenge in 9 days 5 hours.  It is a new female’s record.  “Red Hair” continues his “Silly or Serious” trip towards Ireland.  However, he is seriously behind the schedule, and just arrived in Israel when he is supposed to finish the journey a long time back.  Shosho wrote a book “10,820,000 revolutions” about his adventure and inserted “around the world” microchip into the readers’ brain socket.  Eddie Chen rode along “Taiwan Cycling Route No. 1” completely and wrote a report on it.  He keeps promoting the concept of “trekking Taiwan – Taiwan looks more beautiful by bike”.
     In 2016, young athletes from Jih-Nan Junior High School cycling team got many event medals, countless, with Rikulau bike, of course. Cycle tourism in Taiwan kept booming in 2016.  Dozens of groups completed their in-depth cycle tour in Taiwan on Rikulau rental bikes. Among them are riders from Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, and the USA.  They saw the beauty of Taiwan on quality Rikulau bikes.



  • 橫越美國(Race Across America-RAAM)接力賽(台灣隊)與個人賽(澳洲隊)

  • 完成Home2Home台灣到南非

  • 挑戰橫跨歐亞到愛爾蘭

  • 三場偏鄉中小學自行車組裝教學訓練

  • Race Across America (RAAM) – relay (Taiwan Team); solo (Australia Team)

  • Finished Home2Home Taiwan to Cape Town, South Africa

  • Across Asia-Europe from Taiwan to Ireland

  • Conducted bike assembly courses to primary and high schools in the rural area

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