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Master 325Ti 

Rikulau 所用的每支3Al-2.5V 鈦合金管都經過抽管、成形、精密切割以及熱處理應力釋放。世界級的加工品質才得以讓雲豹的鈦合金車架與眾不同。

Every 3Al-2.5V titanium tube Rikulau uses is butted, shaped, precision cut,
and then, heat treated to release stress to ensure a perfect frame quality. The combined processes make Rikulau frames different.


Master 325Ti 公路車,前三角管材採用六角形液壓成型管,而且變速以及剎車線可走管材內部。 

Master 325 Ti Road , The main triangle is built with pneumatic hydro-formed hexagonal tubes, and inner tubing of shifter/brake housings is standard.


※ Note: All measurements in millimeter (mm) except angle (degrees) and weight (grams)


  1. Integrated head tube for 1 1/8” - 1 1/4” fork steerer

  2. Tubing: Rikulau Hydro-formed Seamless 3Al-2.5V Butted Titanium Tubeset

  3. 365 mm fork length; 43 mm rake

  4. 27.2 mm seat post

  • Top tube: 34.9 mm x  1.1/0.75/1.4 mm

  • Seat tube: 34.9 mm x  1.0/0.75/1.0mm

  •  Down tube: 44 mm x 0.95/0.7/1.4 mm

  •  Seat stay: 16 x 0.9 mm

  • Chain stay: 25.4 x 0.9 mm


※ Note: Rikulau reserves the right to replace components with those of equal or higher value.

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