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audax M3 

※ ​Audax 系列無法選擇塗裝 / Audax series can't choose graphics.


M3 製成的車架絕對不會是又輕又強的比賽機器,但是,在惡劣的環境中,任何騎士都會需要一台可靠而且不太需要照顧的夥伴。

Frame made with M3 will never be a featherlight super stiff racing machine. However, in a harsh environment, any cyclist will prefer a reliable companion that does not need to be taken care of.


Audax M3 車架有扎實的路感,它不會是一款比賽的利器,卻絕對是一台適合勇腳們長途騎乘的好夥伴。

The ride quality of Audax M3 is solid.  However, it won’t be a racing machine.  Instead, it is a perfect candidate for endurance riding.


※ Note: All measurements in millimeter (mm) except angle (degrees) and weight (grams)


  1. Traditional head tube for 1 1/8” fork steerer

  2. Tubing: Rikulau M3(2205) stainless steel



※ Note: Rikulau reserves the right to replace components with those of equal or higher value.

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