Ministry of Economics Official and Media Reporters Visit Rikulau

November 3rd was a special day.  Officials from the Small and Medium Enterprise Admistration (SMEA), Ministry of Economics led a group of 17 media reporters visited Rikulau.

Every year, SMEA visits a few distinguished small and medium local companies to understand the needs of the businesses and to help them through news media reports.  This year, “Tourism” and “Green”are the key features of the visit.  Five companies were chosen, and Rikulau was picked because of the product specificity and the contribution on cycle tourism.

During the visit, Rikulau gave a presentation on the company and how we struggled through the first few years, and were still able to perform our duties to the society.  We also demonstrated how much patience and carefulness is needed to achieve the delicateness of Rikulau products through DIY of limited edition Rikulau titanium key chain by all the visitors.  Of course, some of them simply gave up.

The visit had a perfect ending with a bike ride to the famous Jenn Lann Temple in Ta Jia, of course, on Rikulau bikes.