Riders from Xiamen, China Set Their Feet in Taiwan by Bike

This is a new age in the cross-strait travel.  Members of Delta Bicycle Club had their footprints in Taiwan, but, on bike.

In June this year, Taiwan has finally allowed tourists from 3 major cities in China to be free to see around while in Taiwan.  Rikulau also participated in this historical moment.  In September 22nd, 17 riders from Xiamen came to Taiwan as the first cycling tour group from China.  This is a pioneering event.

Rikulau’s China distributor, Mr. Dresden Lee of Lidu International participated the planning of this event from the very beginning, and Rikulau headquarter joined the cycling group as the local guide and maintenance provider.

In the 10 day trip, the group experienced the natural beauty of Taiwan, and was able to have close contact with the local people and exchange differences in cultures.  On the other hand, they also faced harsh wind, stormy rain, and even hail storm at over 2000 m elevation.  The group rode through Taroko gorge, Easton coast, Mu-Dan Prairy, Kenting, and Sun-Moon Lake.  Very sure, this trip will be unforgettable.  The journey ended with frame graphics DIY at Rikulau factory.

Some members have already expressed their wish to come again.  But, next time, they want to try something different.  Travel by train with carry on bike is already their choice.  They want to see Taiwan even closer.

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