「2011 Taipei Show Kicks Start」

In 2011 Taipei Show, you will find Rikulau’s hiding ground (remember Rikulau is a leopard) at N517 in the 4th floor.  Rikulau also teamed up with Orbit Design (a very innovative wheelset and component company) and extended our hunting range to the outdoor demo area at I2038.  All cycling lovers are welcome to see our (Rikulau + Orbit Design) newest range of products, and to test ride Rikulau bikes, of course with Orbit wheels on.  This is the best opportunity to test ride Rikulau 953, 853 and Master 3-2.5 Ti road bikes.

Want to try your luck?  During the show, you will have a chance to buy Rikulau Master 3-2.5 Ti frameset at a 50% retail price.  Simply fill out your personal info at Rikulau booth before NOON Time, and you are qualified for the lottery.

Three lucky winners will be selected at 1:30 PM at the booth.  Be there, and be the lucky one!