God Bless Taiwan

On August 7th, when I was describing the worst flood that hit Taiwan on the same day in 1948, I could never expect that one day after the 50th anniversary, the worst is no longer the worst.

August 8th is supposed to be a blessing day. It is Father’s Day in Taiwan. But the record breaking rainfall brought in by Typhoon Morakot makes this day gloomy in the foreseeing future. Half a Taiwan was torn by the pouring rain. The used-to-be beautiful land becomes the torturing ground by the flood and land slide. Every Taiwanese has at least one relative or friend affected by the disaster.

It does not matter whether the severe rainfall is the only one to be blamed. It does not matter whether the government has acted timely and effectively. The fact that thousands of families have been broken will not change. After the catastrophe, we only hope that we, Taiwanese people, will change our attitude towards this land - not to hurt her, and not to be hurt anymore.

All Rikulau staff will donate one day’s income to the needed. And wish all those suffered will go through the tragedy very soon.

God bless Taiwan! God bless Taiwanese!