Rikulau Appreciation Sweepstake at 2009 Taiwan Lei

In order to thank Rikulau bike owners who have been so supportive in the last three years, and helped Rikulau become an acknowledged brand in Taiwan, we have decided to have a sweepstake at 2009 Taiwan Leisure Show to be held on July 17th till July 20th.
For those Rikulau owners who will attend the show, please fill out the information requested in this announcement, and show up to try your luck!!!


1. Rikulau fast-dry jersey                 70 units  Retail price NTD 1500
2. Rikulau Coolmax socks                 200 pairs  Retail price NTD 200
3. Rikulau cycle-jersey                      30 units  Retail price NTD 2680
4. Rikulau cycle-jersey coupon     100 units (Note 1: NTD 1200 off retail price;Note 2: need to purchase directly from Rikulau)

 July 17th, 2009, 10:00 AM ~ July 20th, 2009, 13:00 PM
Taipei Trade Center Building I, booth number D524
Terms and condition
  1. Need to be current Rikulau complete bike/frame owner
  2. Need to provide two pictures (one of the bike, and one of the bike&owner) (Note 1: need to be electronic version; Note 2: Rikulau is authorized to post the pictures on the internet)
  3. Need to provide the requested information on the attached table Download form
Note Pictures and the information table need to be submitted to info@rikulau.com by July 15th, or submitted to the Rikulau personnel during the show (both need to be in electronic format)